Botswana Agate bracelet


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Each and every stone of Botswana Agate is naturally unique with bands belonging to the Quartz family and Chalcedony variety. It’s banded mostly in shades of grey and pink, although there are some layers that may have a soft apricot or brown shade.

The extra fine and colorful bandings and patterns on the stone make the Botswana-Agate very unique and the pale shades go with almost any dressy or every day outfits 

  • shiny stainless steel 2mm spacers (bespoke length available) 
  • Gemstone -  6mm polished agates 
  • style - classic smaller stacker bracelet on strong doubled elastic 

pleases note: every bracelet is handmade with natural stones “one of its kind” & therefore slight variations of tones within the stones can be different than this exact photographed piece.

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