Infinity Heart Shaped Rose Gold Pendant Astra

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    Infinity Heart Shaped Rose Gold Pendant

    ASTRA Infinity Heart Shaped Rose Gold Pendant

    A beautiful sterling silver pendant with rose gold plated infinity symbol and glittering cubic zirconias encased behind crystal glass. Each pendant is supplied on a 17" chain. ASTRA

    Infinity' Meaning:

    Ever-Lasting Love - 'The mathematical symbol for infinity is enclosed within a heart in the ASTRA Infinity pendant. The infinity symbol, an unbroken, owing line, is an ancient and magical talisman known in many cultures to represent cycles of birth and rebirth. For the wearer of ASTRA Infinity, the pendant represents the everlasting nature of love and the continuous quest for knowledge.'


    Each piece of jewellery comes in a charming 'book' style presentation box complete with ASTRA polishing cloth and an individual story card for each meaning.