Labradorite Hidden gems bracelet


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BeAdored handmade with the labradorite representing the magic of the north lights  8mm polished sphere and 6mm diamond twinkle cuts enhanced with 3mm rose tone stainless steel spacers

WHAT IS LABRADORITE? This particular member of the feldspar group of minerals is one of the youngest gemstones in the world of modern jewellery. This bracelet is made with doubled strength comfortable to wear elastic ideal for everyday wear and the colour of Labradorite will never clash with your different outfits.

Labradorite displays an awe-inspiring range of colours both in its polished finish and in its natural rough state, cut straight from the earth. It is found in igneous rocks in multiple locations around the world, but it was discovered in eastern Canada on Paul Island, near the settlement of Nain in Newfoundland and Labrador.

pleases note: every bracelet is handmade with natural stones “one of its kind” & therefore slight variations of tones and patterns within the stones can  be different than this exact photographed piece.

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