Mixed gemstone Obsidian.kunzite.Jasper. Botswana agate


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Handmade with specific beautiful patterned choices of Obsidian.kunzite.zebra Jasper. Botswana agate 8mm 

these gemstones complement each other beautifully with all there natural differences. obsidian has a silky silver sheen in an dark shiny grey  , kunzite is a sweet lilic opaque stone the agate has striped and wavy designs and finally the Matt finished jasper giving this Bracelet’s design interesting different textures. 

Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock. Kunzite is the pink to lavender purple variety of Spodumene . Pink zebra jaspers have a-lot of tones of pink areas and darker grey inclusions 

Some say these gentle stones brings the wearer positivity , wealth and prosperity , said to bring contentment and joy.

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